Questions and Answers

Our advice, hints and tips for new buyers.

Which model should I buy?

A lot of that decision comes down to personal style, but there are two general rules of thumb.

For a child under 10, we’d recommend the Classic Swegway – they’re great for indoor use, or on a surface like a patio or smooth pavement, and the power isn’t overwhelming for someone young.

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For a child over 10, or if you plan to use the Swegway on any kind of rough surface we recommend the Huracan. The 8″ wheels make breezing over rougher terrain a blast, and the always-on Bluetooth means you can link it to your smartphone to play music while you roll!

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I’ve heard bad things about these in the news and about fire hazards, what’s that all about?

CE-marking-logoMany sellers in the UK were importing cheap Chinese balance boards – especially around Christmas time – which did not meet CE standards or even have UK plugs. These posed a serious risk of fire, and Trading Standards rightfully stopped their sales.

Our boards are 100% Trading Standards compliant.  CE approved and with UK plugs and chargers. Our wiring looms are high quality, and our batteries are genuine Samsung.

Our boards are safety checked before shipping to you.

Hey, these are cheaper on eBay!

Beware cheap versions!  Low end, cheap boards will not come with a warranty, and will not necessarily be CE approved.  Even worse, cheap boards are often shipped direct from China (in 4-6 weeks!) leaving you with no recourse if something goes wrong. You’ll also be responsible for customs fees.

We ship from UK stock only – our warehouse is in Liverpool!  For a quality board, expect to pay over £240, we think we’re pretty competitive!

Why are Samsung Batteries Important?

The heart of your Swegway is the battery. We use high quality Lithium-Ion batteries from Samsung to power our boards. This ensures they have a long life, and can power your board for hours at a time.  Skimping on the battery could leave you with short battery life at best, and a fire hazard at worst!

Do these need calibration?

Your board has two green lights, one on each side, to tell you it’s in balance. Once in a while, one of these lights will go out and your board will need a re-calibration. It’s easy!  Here’s how to do it.

  1. Charge the board fully – waiting until the charge light turns green. About two hours.
  2. Unplug the charger.
  3. Turn the board off, and make sure that it’s level.
  4. Hold down the ON button for 30 seconds.  The lights on the board should turn on.
  5. Turn the board off again.
  6. Turn the board back ON and, PRESTO, you should have two green lights on the top.

Simple, huh?  But if you get stuck, feel free to contact us!


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