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Green + Disco Lights + FREE BAG

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100% safe UK Certified HoverBoard
Can be charged over 2000 times!
Authentic Li-Ion Battery Cells
4400mAh means almost double the power
Two Precision Circuit Boards
Maximum Speed: 12KM/H
Up to two hours on a single charge
Charge Time approx 2-3 Hours
Size: 21.6″ x 7.3″ x 7.0″
Hoverboard weight: 12KG
Raw Power: 2 X 350W Silent Drive Motors
Fully complies with all UK safety regulations!
Tyre Size: 6.5″ inch
Auto BalanceThe classic Swegway Hoverboard design is the most popular high-performance board sold in the UK.
Step onto our Swegway Hoverboard and you’ll be ready to take on the world, it is so much fun.
The elegant appearance of gliding smoothly has made it the No1 premium gift all around the world.
This hoverboard is entertaining children from 20kg to adults of up to 100kg.

Hyper-sensitive foot pads let you turn your Segway 360 degrees on a dime.
Easily switch between three different skill levels by using the app on your smartphone

Music on the go
Take the sound of your Hover board with you anytime and anywhere.
Enjoy 6 continuous hours of rolling and music on a single 2 hour charge thanks to an outstanding rechargeable, long life lithium-ion battery.

German engineering to develop the spookily silent drive motors and the smart chips to allow the Swegway Hoveboard speeds of up to 15km/h and a reach of up to 10km.
The Swegway Hoverboard is perfect for indoors and great to get the kids to play outdoors, even in light rain.

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