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Bossman – Hoverboard with handlebars


The BOSSMAN in two shades of black and white.

If a Segway at £7000 is a bit on the steep side, but you’d still like to use handles on your hoverboard, then the Bossman is right for you.
The BOSSMAN with its flowing lines looks awesome. The unit chharges fully in only 2-3 hours, but thanks to Li-ion technology after only 30 min.the battery is charged to 80%


BOSSMAN is clever. It keeps you balanced while reading when you want to move, stop and turn.

BOSSMAN tries to copy what we humans do and  learns how to keep a rider in balance.
As you lean forward BOSSMAN’s wheels automatically pick up speed to keep the platform beneath you level.
The same goes for reverse. Lean back and that’s where you go.

Angular sensors detect changes in direction and speed. Tilt sensors detect angles. Together these sensors provide data that allow the machine to determine if you are about to tip over. It sends the command to the wheels and keeps you upright. No matter which way you lean BOSSMAN is always one step ahead of you.

To turn push the control stick to one side. This decreases power to the inside wheel and spins the outside one faster, and round you go.
BOSSMAN has a carrying capacity of up to 120kg.

The gear box is inside the wheel assembly. The gears also help to limit the speed to about 18km per hour.
When you are done for the day, ride over to a wall socket, plug BOSSMAN in, and in no time it is ready to ride again.
This machine may not rule our pavements just yet, but it’s finding a way into our transport systems one wheel at a time.

2 x 650 Watt motor & 15″ tyre

Slip resistant platform

LED Front light

LED Rear light


Emission free motor.
Battery TÜV tested: 2 x 650 watts, 63 V, 5500 mAh
Display: Speed, Travel Distance, Battery level
Speed: Max 18km/h
Range: Max travel distance 20km

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