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Red Disco Swegway Hoverboard + Classic Hoverkart

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  • Hoverkart conversion Kit – fits all Hover board SwegwaysSit low above the ground like an F1 racing driver


    Not all HoverKarts are made equal.
    The Official Swegway Classic HoverKart is superior because:

  • of its inspired Design – The HoverKart bucket seat is wider and more comfortable.
  • Our hoverkart uses a high resistance plastic clamp to avoid scratching your hover board.
  • The front wheel off-road tyre is made out of rubber and NOT hard plastic; hence it is more durable & more comfortable .

Convert your Segway or any other hover board into an all new singing and dancing electric gokart. The light-weight construcition of the Hover Kart attachment will make you feel like Lewis Hamilton on a race course within seconds.
Control leavers with comfortable grips at the side of the hoverkart allow you to control the movement of your segway; forwards, backwards,  left/right and the ability to perform 360 degree spins on the spot, pulling wheelies and even drift!

  • The Classic Hoverkart can be used on different type of terrains which are off-limits when just standing on a Swegway hoverboard, like as short grass, packed sand or concrete. Do not use when wet!
  • Features:
    Fits hover boards with 6.5 inch wheels. Adjustable frame length / Seat Position. Attach within seconds.
    Race-inspired seat design.
    Max weight 120kg. Min user height 100cm. Max user height 200cm.

Note: The Hoverkart attachment does not include the Hover board, this must be purchased separately.

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